Hello World!

Hey there! 🙂

I’m so glad you ran into my blog, Hey Design Thinker! It is a blog that hosts some of my best design thinking to date – my thoughts about design practice, design works, how we do our job as designers, among everything else. It is a personal blog where I let you in on my highs and lows about working in User Experience (UX) design today and where I think we’re going moving forward.

Coming up with this blog hasn’t always come easy. For one, it’s been a while since I last tacked a blog post. And as you and I can attest, life gets in the way. One day we’re all fired up to conquer the blogosphere and next we’re too stressed to eke out a blog post. We start with the best of intentions, but start fizzling when life gets in the way.

Today, I want to start anew. I want to start documenting my thoughts about our UX world today and where we’re going right (or wrong). I want to share my views about our world and see if there’s someone who shares my thoughts or could use a helping hand (or helpful post). As you’ll find later in this blog, there is a reason why I’m being candid in this space and it is my every wish that you will get on board too as I get up, close, and personal with my life as a designer, fellow colleague, and fellow human.

For now, have a seat while I warm up the cookies in the oven. I’ve got a lot in store for this blog and I can’t wait to share them with you. My next blog post will detail my content strategy for this blog, which is really a fancy way of saying what I’ll be writing through and through.

The sentiment remains, though.

I’m excited to take this journey with you. ❤️